Doing business in the era of Covid-19

A message from Leif Holand, CEO, GRIFF Aviation

Today we hear a lot of talk of the “new normal” and what business will be like in a post-Covid-19 world where travel is no longer so easy.

Of course, at GRIFF, we’ve always travelled to do business. Meeting our clients around the world and executing demos for them has been a crucial part of our success to date. But with current travel restrictions and a range of mandatory quarantines, both in the destination country as well has here at home, it is now not so convenient to travel to met our clients, so we need to be able to find new and creative ways to carry out our business and to provide the demonstrations of compliance that our customers can trust and which meet their requirements.

Fortunately, here at GRIFF, we have the capability to make highly professional films that can clearly demonstrate a UAV’s performance and which can be designed to feature flight tests that meet the specific requests of our clients. Once we complete these films, we can send them over to the client before our online meeting. And on the day of the meeting, we can set up cameras to produce a live broadcast from the GRIFF hangar, so that our customers can meet the GRIFF R&D team and carry out a live Q&A during which the team can explain every part of the UAV system. 

These online video demonstrations are also more environmentally friendly and save time and money for our customers and for GRIFF too. Looking further ahead, with appropriate and competitive sales and delivery terms in place, we are confident that these innovative demonstrations will prove to be one of the many successful ways we continue to do business in the future.