The Griff fleet

Standard & Bespoke payload options

The GRIFF fleet comes with a number of standard payload options, covering a wide variety of applications. However, a full custom service - GRIFF Bespoke - is available on request.


It all starts with the airframe

The airframe is the foundation on which we build the world’s finest UAS craft. Parts are crafted using the latest CNC technology, while the high-grade aluminium construction acts as a heatsink, ensuring optimum operating temperature, no matter how demanding the mission. Performance, build quality and innovation combine to create an airframe worthy of the name GRIFF Aviation.


Griff Bespoke

GRIFF Bespoke is our full-custom service, available by request. By choosing GRIFF Bespoke, you ensure that your mission requirements are completely covered - no matter how specialised they are. From simple changes and modifications to the standard payloads on offer, to completely out-of-the-box requirements, GRIFF Aviation is redefining what’s possible in the UAS industry.
To realise your UAS vision and discover more about GRIFF Bespoke, contact us at



Redefining the world of Unmanned Aerial Systems. The GRIFF 135 is built on the GRIFF 2.0 Master Design, the new modular design which enables rapid, easy swapping of payload and batteries in mere seconds.

The GRIFF 135 has been built to the demands of the market - it can lift 30kg (66 lb) payload for 25-30 minutes, but will handle a maximum of 50kg (110 lb). It comes ready to fly with a dual battery set that can be charged in just one hour. With an optional second pack, you'll be able to fly continuously. Its compact folded dimensions make transportation a breeze - it measures just 77cm wide x 144cm long in this state, with a height of 47cm. The GRIFF 135 expands to ready-to-fly dimensions of 226cm x 241cm x 47cm.


  • 30min

    Air time (approx) – 30 min (based on design fly weight of 30kg)

  • 50kg

    Lifting capacity – Up to 50 kg (165 lb) maximum payload. (Designed for 30 kg.)

  • Waterproof

    Water-resistant motors11 kW x 4



Under development. Estimate release end of 2022



Under development. Estimate release end of 2023

Standard upgrades available

A number of ‘off the shelf’, standard upgrades are available for the systems shown above. However, if you do not see something here that covers your needs, please contact us and we can discuss your case further. Also, should you require something truly specialist, mission specific and unique, our GRIFF Bespoke service has been created to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Discover more by contacting us at

Standard Upgrades

  • Waterproof

    A dust-proof/waterproof housing to further protect the motors from the most extreme conditions.

  • UmbillicalCord

    An umbilical for tethering / powering the UAS from the ground over long periods can be fitted to our smaller craft.

  • Transmission

    A number of flight controller options are available, depending on your needs / preferences.

  • viewrange

    The standard ‘unobstructed view’ range of 10 km (6.2 miles) can be extended.