THE GRIFF Cargo Hook

The solution we were looking for

To enable our UAVs to fly cargo using a long line, we needed a robust and lightweight cargo hook.

The existing cargo hooks we identified on the market were too expensive and, more importantly,
too heavy to meet our precise requirements. So we took the decision to design our own.

The GRIFF Cargo Hook has been designed and manufactured inhouse here at GRIFF. It incorporates
the functionality for remote release of the cargo, from the GCS or RC controller, and also has a load
cell that shows the weight of the cargo on the long line.

The GRIFF Cargo Hook weighs less than 900g and has a design load of 50kg, with a design ultimate
strength of 175kg. It has an electrical release capacity of 70kg, mechanical release capacity of 70kg,
and a safety factor of 3.5. Minimum release weight is 0kg. The GRIFF Cargo Hook can also be used for other applications beyond
UAV operations and are now for sale on the market.