Performance, quality and innovation

General features

The models in the GRIFF fleet share a number of core innovations and benefit-enhancing features that truly distinguish these UAS from the competition.


Ultra strong, ultra light construction

The aluminium construction of the chassis and arms acts as a heatsink, keeping the unit operating at optimal temperature, even on long missions. Parts are machined using the latest CNC technology.

Dependable performance - whatever the weather

In addition to highly weather-resistant aluminium construction as standard, GRIFF uses custom-made, industrial brushless inrunner motors for extreme weather conditions. Their enclosed design keeps the elements out. For normal weather conditions, brushless outrunner motors are used, eliminating unnecessary weight.

Flexible, modular design

The arms are modular, giving GRIFF Aviation the option of setting up your UAS with either four arms with two motors each, or eight arms with a single motor each. This means unrivalled, mission-specific flexibility.


SAL™ – Switch And Lock System

The SAL™ Switch And Lock system from GRIFF Aviation enables easy, fast modification of your UAS to best suit mission requirements - no tools required. From rapid changing of payload options to choosing the optimum number of rotors, SAL™ lets you tailor your GRIFF UAS to the task in hand. You decide if you want to prioritise increased flight time or go with maximum lifting capability.

With SAL™, flexibility is always your co-pilot.

Carbon-fibre propellers

Carbon-fibre propellers, specifically designed for each set-up and motor, ensure ultra-high performance yet very low noise emission. They fold horizontally for easy transportation.

Quality and reliability

Our industrial flight-controllers use the highest-grade European components. They feature high levels of redundancy and numerous, proven failsafe measures. They are tough, dependable systems, no matter how demanding the job.


Certainty with inflight updates

The pilot receives live inflight updates on the state of the battery from the Battery Management System (BMS), via CAN bus (Control Area Network) transmissions to the ground station. The BMS protects the battery from operating outside its safe operating area through precise monitoring and subsequent control/balance.


Power you can depend on

The batteries used in the GRIFF fleet are single cell and renowned for being supremely safe; they are perfect for both extreme warm and cold conditions. These single cells are assembled into battery-packs by a renowned, specialist company.


Tailored solutions geared to your needs

Other equipment such as video links, cameras and radio modems, we choose after speaking with the customer about their specific needs. Options include HD-digital video link or analogue, long range or short range. Standard setup is telemetry/radio modem on the 868mhz band, video 1,3gHz for analogue 5,8ghz digital, and radio controller 2,4 ghz. Our radio controllers are dual band, and transmit/receive in 2,4gHz with 900mhz as a back up. This is for extra redundancy.