GRIFF Aviation is now testing its early prototype of a crop spraying unit.

The unit was built as a R&D test platform to gather insight in bom design, tank design, airtime, flight behaviour and spray patterns. The unit has a capacity of 30 liters.

R&D engineer Andreas Zumbrunnen says that GRIFF Aviation are also in the development process of a spraying unit with a capacity of 50L. This unit will be based on the GRIFF V2 design. The V2 design comes with an easy to change battery system and a fast refilling setup. Our main goal is to minimise turnaround time and maximise airtime.

We will be able to spray around four hectares/hour with a coverage of 25 l/ha. This is including refilling an battery change. With less product, lets say 10 l/ha we may cover 10 to 12 ha/h, Zumbrunnen says.


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Global market insight estimates the agricultural drone market to surpass 1 billion by USD 2024. There is a huge potential for use of autonomous systems in agriculture.

There are areas in farming which aren’t easy accessible, were precision is needed, or where visibility or lack of daylight makes the use of helicopters or aeroplanes impossible. These are all issues that can be solved with our drone.

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GRIFF Aviation will now be working towards completion of its agricultural design for mass production. GRIFF Aviation are determent to deliver a drone system to the marked that is reliable, efficient and easy to operate.