Your vigilant eyes in the air

Your vigilant eyes in the air

The griffin – the fantastical creature of ancient myth. A legendary beast with the combined strengths of an eagle and a lion. Since ancient times a symbol of vigilance… of protection.

GRIFF Aviation’s UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) are designed and built to be your vigilant eyes in the air.
With lifting capabilities that have redefined the industry, GRIFF Aviation’s UAS offer a completely new standard in fully customisable system and payload options.

GRIFF Aviation: creators of UAS for the most demanding professional users.

Unrivalled lifting capability

The GRIFF Aviation 125, 300 and 800 models live up to their titles. Each number designation refers to the gross weight, in kilograms, that each can carry.

Nothing else out there comes close.

Full custom payload options

With such extraordinary power onboard, an unparalleled variety of payload options are available for professional use. State-of-the-art payloads can be ordered that have been specifically designed for the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, Fire Service and Search And Rescue teams.

GRIFF Aviation also offers specialist payloads for wind-turbine maintenance, as well as heavy-load cargo missions.

All of GRIFF Aviation’s systems and payloads are fully customisable.

The world’s safest UAS

GRIFF Aviation’s UAS technology is the first to be flight approved by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority.
Uniquely, all of our systems are fully compliant with the latest European UAS build-safety regulations as stipulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency. Working to the highest possible standards, GRIFF Aviation is also seeking Civil Aviation Authority approval for its personnel.

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